Most Expensive Watch in the World?

Which is the Most Expensive Watch?

Franck Mueller Watches

Franck Mueller Aeternitas – the most expensive watch in the world – click image to see a range of cheaper Franck Muller watches over at Amazon

Have you ever wondered which is the most expensive watch in the world? Well, here is a list of  5 of them + 1.

1. Jaeger Le Coultre Joaillene Manchette   – a watch that is so expensive it doesn’t have a price – but estimated at over $26 million
2. Chopard – 201-karat watch – 874 diamonds –  $25 million
3. Patek Phillipe – Henry Graves Super Complication Pocket Watch – a snip at $11 million
4. Patek Phillipe Reference 1527  – seriously cheap at $5 million
5. Breguet & Fils – Paris Precision Stopwatch – an embarrassingly low $4.7 million.

In addition to this list of superstars in the watch universe there is what used to be the most expensive watch ever sold, the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 Grande Sonnerie Westminster Carillon – it sold for $2.7 million in 2009 to Michael J Gould ($2.7 million was considered serious money back then) – you can read all about it here – The Most Expensive Watch in the World.

The Aeternitas was one of a kind, so you won’t be able to order one I’m afraid, but they do have cheaper Franck Muller watches over at Amazon which you can examine here – Franck Muller WatchesFranck Muller Watches.

This article, however, is more concerned with discovering which are the most expensive luxury watches that you can actually buy online from places like Amazon – even if they are a bit out of most people’s price range it’s interesting to do a bit of ‘screen-shopping’ all the same!.

Most Expensive Watch for Women

Rado Royal Dream Watch

Rado Royal Dream Watch – click on image for full details from Amazon

You may have been under the impression that Amazon does not deal in luxury goods, but in that case you must revise your thoughts. The expensive watches on offer at Amazon won’t cost you millions, but then again not they’re not cheap either!

The most expensive ladies’ watch currently available to order on Amazon is the beautiful Rado Royal Dream Jubile Women’s Automatic Watch R90169728 – this is being offered for the modest sum of $59,700 – reduced from $99,500 you’ll be pleased to learn. So, as a Christmas gift I’m sure it would be very well received.

Rado also takes the no. 2 spot for the most expensive ladies’ watch with the Rado R91174728 which is on offer for around $48,000 – followed by the Corum Golden Bridge 313.165.55/0002 GL10R 38mm Automatic 18K Gold Case Brown Leather Anti-Reflective Sapphire Women’s Watch at $41,564 – reduced from $64,900.

Most Expensive Watch for Men

Millage Watch

Millage Watch – click on image for further details from Amazon

The most expensive watch for men on offer is the Millage Flying Tourbillon (3826) Collection at $99,000 + $6.98 postage ! – no reductions here I’m afraid.

The next 3 spots are also taken by Millage – followed by the trusty Rolex Daytona Diamond 18K White Gold Mens Watch 116519 at $89,000 – reduced from $125,000 – and the Gerald Genta Arena Tourbillon Men’s Automatic Watch ATR-Y-75-913-CN-BD at $87,450 – reduced from $159,000 -, so my elementary math tells me that this one is actually the best bargain of the lot! They have already sold 4 of them so I suggest you snap it up quickly if you want to be sure of delivery before Christmas!

So, as you can see, some pretty expensive watches which are in fact more of an investment than just a purchase, as, when times get rough you can always sell them and perhaps even make a profit on them – just make sure you keep the receipt! You might also want to consider a pretty robust property insurance policy.

Happy shopping !